Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Activation Error Server 2008

Error Message

I got an activation error on Windows Server 2008.  The details are as follows:

Log Name: Application
Source: Software Licensing Service
Event ID: 8198
Level: Error Description: License Activation (SLUI.exe) failed with the following error code: 0x80004005

It should be noted that I was never asked for a product key during install.


I found a Microsoft document that recommend phone activation. I called and the Microsoft activation staff referred me to the technical helpdesk. This would have cost. I decided to continue my research and found that if you change your product key you can active Windows.


Changing the product key would allow me to activate Windows.


To change your Vista product key (source):

1. Click on the Start Button and type Command Prompt in the search field.
2. From the list that appears, right click the Command Prompt shortcut and select Run As Administrator.
3. At the administrator command prompt, type in "slmgr.vbs -ipk [insert your product key here]"
4. To activate windows after changing the key, run "slmgr.vbs -ato"

To run the Windows Activation Wizard use these comands:

slui or slui 0x01 Display Windows Activation status
slui 0x02 Prompt for Windows Activation wizard via Internet
slui 0x03 Run Change Product Key wizard
slui 0x04 Launch Windows Activation wizard via Telephone.
slui 0x05 Prompt Windows Activation and show activation way except Internet.
slui 0x06 Launch Windows Activation wizard
slui 0x07 Prompt Windows Activation as Windows running on last day to activate.
slui 0x09 Launch Windows Activation wizard after license expiration.
slui 0x016 Display activation status with license expiration warning
"Your Windows will expire in 234 days and Windows will stop working"
slui 0x018 "Your Windows will expire in 5626 hours and Windows will stop working"

Source: Tom's Tricks.


These steps allowed me to activate my copy of Windows 2008 server. I am not sure why I got the error. I think the error is related to the software being from the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance.

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